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Online Management Courses Increase Your Promot-Ability

You have to fully participate and finish the course, of course. That may seem like a dumb statement but the research shows that only about 25% of people who start online courses actually finish them. This is great news for those of us who complete them. We stick out from the quitters. At a result of this “Great Disruption” many employees are realizing that they need to take a management course if they want to advance their career.

Operating Principle: If you’re snoozing, you’re losing.

One of the best things about a well-run, “edutaining” web course is the fact that you can take it from the comfort of their own home or office. No cold or stuffy classrooms crammed in with people you don’t know and will never get to know.

No commute is necessary for online webinars. This means that you won’t be spending that extra money on gasoline to travel to and from class. Nor will you be patted down then jammed into “cattle class” with no food or water for a few hours.

Ok. Enough of the negative.

All you need is a laptop or access to computers in order to take advantage of this leading edge form of management education.

Here are some “musts” that will ensure that you have a great “edutaining” learning experience:

Pick courses of interest to you and that will be seen by your employer as valuable and practical.
Make sure the instructor is well experienced and “edutaining” – no droning on, please.
Live, interactive webinars are most engaging because people can text chat in questions and comments.
Make sure you get a recording of the sessions so you can review or go over if you have to miss a program.
Look for videos to be shown to make instructional points.
Ask to see a sample of the instructor’s power points or keynotes so you can judge the quality.
Courses with pre-printed e-Playbooks designed specifically for online course will keep you engaged and will act as a guide to take notes.
Streaming video of the instructor as s/he presents is a key to keeping the course engaging.
Ask what kind of interactive tools are included like polls; white boarding, text chats, etc.
Look for webinars that are content-rich, with depth of information.
Ask if you get a certificate of completion, or better yet continuing education units from your professional association.
I always look for one-on-one coaching/mentoring as an option so I can ask my specific questions and apply the learning’s to my specific situations.

We’re all busy working a full-time job. An online course allows you to work out your own schedule. This flexibility makes it easy to engage in learning, while still working.

Online Hospitality Management Career Preparation Education Options

Career training for hospitality management can be done through various accredited online schools and colleges. The career possibilities in this field allow for a number of exciting professions. Training can be completed from the comfort of home in a number of specialized areas. Online learning will prepare students to enter into their desired career prepared to be successful. Career preparation is available at various levels ranging from certificates to bachelor degrees. Students can start by learning more about educational options in this field.

Hospitality Management – Preparation for a career in this area of the field can be completed through online studies. Training is available at several levels including certificates, as well as associate and bachelor degrees.

Certificates can take a few months to one year to obtain and are for those looking to just start their career, or professionals who wish to enhance their skills.
Associate degree programs can take students two years to complete and will help prepare those who wish to further their education at the bachelor level.
Bachelor degrees in hospitality management can require students to spend four years on accredited studies.

Students who enter into this career field will be able to pursue a number of careers. Students can seek employment in hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and much more. Coursework will vary but may include beverage management, tourism services, catering management, human resource management, and much more. Students can start by enrolling in an accredited hospitality management degree or certificate program today.

Hotel and Motel Management – Students who wish to obtain the education necessary for a career in hotel and motel management can do so by enrolling in an accredited online school or college. Studies can be completed at a variety of levels ranging from a certificate to a bachelor level degree.

Certificate programs can range anywhere from several months to one year of study for students entering this field.
Associate degrees typically take students two years for completion in hotel and motel management.
Bachelor level degree training programs can require four years of online study for students to complete.

Students who enroll in an accredited online learning program will be able to gain the skills and knowledge they need for a successful career in this field. Coursework will cover various subjects such as marketing, food service management, economics, housekeeping, hotel maintenance, and many other relevant courses. Certificates and degrees in this area will allow for employment in property management, administrative management, financial management, and much more. Students can gain an online education to start the career of their dreams.

Beware of Verbal Rental Agreements Between Landlords and Tenants – Try a Property Management Company

A verbal rental agreement can cause nothing but headaches for landlords and tenants alike. If a disagreement arises between the two parties, there is nothing to refer to to solve the problem. If one of the parties sues the other it becomes a he said/she said argument that a judge cannot untangle without a written lease to refer to.

The best solution is to hire a property management company. The State of Nevada Real Estate Division requires property managers to be knowledgeable and educated about landlord tenant relations. Using an enforceable, legal rental agreement is a vital part of the job.

A very strong part of property management education is to never enter into verbal agreements with tenants. It is a stumbling block that causes so much havoc for both landlords and tenants that history has taught us to avoid verbal agreements at times.

Many cities and towns across the country have real estate companies with trained property managers willing to assist landlords with their leases. Fees range by percentage or flat fees depending on the level of management services a landlord requires. Tenants can come into the office to sign rental agreements without the landlord being present. The landlord gives over the responsibilities to the real estate company to require a written, legal rental agreement to be executed between the tenant and the landlord.

Taking the initiative and action to interview and hire a real estate company can solve many headaches and problems for landlords and tenants alike. Because many landlords and tenants are not schooled in ways to minimize lease and rental potential problems, hiring property management company to do the task can be a valuable vehicle for smoother relations with tenants.

Online MBA – New Trend in Education

Online education is the latest academic discipline to arrive in the world of academia. It has emerged as a vibrant field for professional education. It is today the most preferred choice for higher education, among young men and women of the country. Its demand will continue to rise and hence its qualitative growth needs serious attention. While the demand for management education will continue to grow with the growth of Indian economy, the quality of demand will undergo a shift. Functional business schools, sectoral business schools, condensed MBA for one year or shorter duration, modular MBA, net based online MBA, executive MBA will provide new models of higher education in management.

It is likely that large corporations and growing industry may ask for customized MBA and B- Schools may respond to it. In India steel, power and oil industry have already established excellent executive education centers, they will evolve into promising Business schools. Business Schools in the future will enhance their intake and strengthen their academic and physical infrastructure, improve quality of education delivery system, and strengthen capabilities to meet the rising expectations and demands from the market.

In all probability, the online executive MBA programs have mushroomed to meet the demand without creating any miss issue will also exist in the decades. Another reason for growing online MBA program in India has already forged partnership with overseas courses. The partnership strategies will extend between universities and online institutes with in the country and across the world. They also have effectively partnered with automobile industry. There will be another kind of partnership between online executive MBA institutes and corporations.

Courses in Human Resource Management Will Help You to Be the People’s Person!

The sudden rise in the number of courses in human resource management has proven that inevitably this is one of the most sought after and popular courses in management education. Most top B schools in India mandatorily include a course in hr management since students opting for this particular field are quite high in number.

A qualified human resource personnel is in much demand since most MNC’s, big organization with numerous employees and offices working with different departments need responsible individuals, who can control high caliber workers and professionals. Even small to medium sized companies are on the lookout for youths who have obtained degrees from top B schools India pertaining to a course in hr management.

The day to day management of innumerable employees; looking after their grievances, managing day to day complex affairs all fall under the job responsibilities of a qualified HR personnel. A course in human resource management is also a very lucrative and rewarding career option with the opportunity to reach the top managerial position in a short time. This field also brings with it an attractive pay package including perks, benefits etc. This course is more suitable for individuals with the characteristic of communicating with the masses and the ability to mix with different sorts of people. India is a viable destination where courses in hr management is concerned, since there are various reputed institutes of management education who teach students to be perfect with labor laws and other such needs. Most top B schools in India teach students the art of taking employees in confidence, the patience to listen to their grievances, handling untoward incidents and the confidence to handle adverse situations. Without such qualities it will be simply impossible for a person in the HR field to stay on the job and move ahead.

Management education in India has reached a tremendous height with various renowned business schools offering the best curriculum, state-of-the-art infrastructure, all modern amenities like Wi-Fi, ac labs, excellent collection of books and other study materials for the benefit of their students. Usually most top B schools India conduct campus interviews where top notch companies, both local and international, come over and absorb the students there itself. This is a big advantage for management students pursuing courses in HR management in India.

This job involves immense responsibility, patience and a clear mind to develop as well as implement strategies that is beneficial both for the organization as well as for its employees. It involves a step-by-step plan of action to develop and define the corporate mission and objectives. It is very important to understand that being successful in HR depends on communication and inter-personal skills and the ability to understand strategies, the value of organizational goals and the tactful decisions that can satisfy employees as well benefit the organization.

Is An MBA Necessary For Managers?

Do MBA’s make better managers or business leaders? The MBA debate continues furiously. So is the popularity of MBA programs worldwide. Though popular the management studies might be they make a very minuscule percent of successful CEO’s and business leaders compared to legendary leaders of business who are non MBA’s.

An MBA degree is at best a degree which due to its expensiveness and academic entry barriers attracts the top 5% of the students who are generally good in disciplined academics. The HR fraternity mistakenly thinks because they constitute the top of the academic populace, especially the premium Management Educational Institutes in the world, they must be good.

The usefulness of the management education program has been hard to measure and evaluate. While it cannot be denied the stress on analytical abilities and concepts does give a broad view of what constitutes management, one can also learn the same through self studies easily if one can only exercise the disciplines of the academics into one’s own lifestyle.

While we may have some big names who are business management graduates from the top global institutions, we also have the legends like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs to mention a few while no major names who are MBA’s come to mind as easily. Even Jack Welch of GE fame is a non MBA.

If business success is a matter of knowledge which is what the expensive management education business is touting, the knowledge industry itself is dominated by people who have hardly been to a management school and made a big success of it.

The legendary Peter Drucker does not come from a management educational background. Most of his management thought comes from practical observation of the business in action as a consultant and researcher. The management principles and theories propounded by him are taught in the management schools. His managerial thinking is at least 30 years ahead as some of his thoughts written even in the 50’s is only now recognized as indispensable to running a business.

On the other side of the coin is the MBA’s running companies like the GE, entire nation as in the case of President George Bush or the top global consulting organizations. How successfully is a moot point?

While the contribution of the MBA’s cannot be denied in the mid levels, the leadership abilities are questionable. The phenomenal salaries and perks associated with the MBA’s and the HR skewer towards them ignores the potential available and learning ability of the entire workforce. If the same amount of money and resources are spent in training and developing the non MBA workforce, organizations may be able to develop more leaders at a lower cost.